▼ This is the clinic of "acupuncture specialist", was opened in 5/1986.
"Over this hospital or clinic, where do I pick up here and was really good. "And the aims they say acupuncture clinic.

Beloved Community, 90% satisfaction Our regulars!
Kitanagoya Nishiharu station visit Ikeda acupuncture if you and you are looking for acupuncture in "Tak heavy station".

I do not now, such worries?

For such problems,
Ikeda acupuncture treatment clinic in the overwhelming patient satisfaction advantages

♦ see, hear, speak and creates trust and confidence by touching the

♦ Acupuncture uses disposable disposable needles, so without the worry of infection safely undertaken.

♦ heat, mild moxibustion is so pleasant.

♦ the cure from the sites away from the affected area, so sudden, intense pain and swelling don't worry

♦ conducts far-infrared radiation and magnetic equipment for thermal treatment, low-frequency electric current

♦ encourage home treatment in addition to dietary and lifestyle habits to start curing

♦ obsessed with change before treatment and after treatment and improve and see results.

♦ in the "Ikeda acupuncture" maladaptive symptoms, hospital happy to introduce

♦ If you need long term care, depending on the disease, but health insurance apply(Doctor's prescription is required.)

• In the acupuncture and moxibustion, please see Ikeda acupuncture"If the Kitanagoya City

Are you trying to visit the acupuncture and moxibustion in Kitanagoya City?

If it please the Ikeda acupuncture acupuncture treatment specialist.

20 min. walk from Meitetsu Inuyama line Nishiharu station hospital.

In acupuncture and moxibustion treatment for various symptoms such as lower back pain, knee pain, psychosomatic diseases, has been improved and has also become a acupuncture can care for in total as well as a partial cure.

To care about the pain of no firmness(Disposable)With warm and pleasant moxibustion treatment, proprietary technology, immediate treatment is possible.

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Is acupuncture can be assured for the first time.