Kampo Life Episode 8: Foods Good for the Kidneys

2023March 14 -

"Renal"The food that energizes is "food that energizes".
First of all"Essential amino acids"Foods that are rich in are recommended.
Foods that have been said to be refined since ancient times, such as eggs, turtles, eels, and oysters,
"Essential amino acids"It is a food that is richly balanced and blended.

Next are sticky foods such as yam, okra, molokheiya, mozuku, kelp, wakame seaweed, and natto.
The source of the stickiness of sticky foods is"Mucin", "Alginic acid", "Vectin"And so on.
These ingredients protect the mucous membranes of the digestive organs and respiratory organs, and help prevent lifestyle-related diseases.
There is also an analysis that it is rich in minerals such as zinc, potassium, and iron, which is guaranteed to be useful for health.

 "Renal"The taste and color that invigorates the deer taste (salty) and black food.
These include black beans, brown sugar, black sesame, nori, wakame, kelp, seaweed, and bruun.

 To sum upThe foods that revitalize the "kidneys" are proteins that contain a lot of essential amino acids, sticky foods, and black foods.