I went to the ANA Crowne Plaza Hotel Grand Court in quick succession!!!

2023March 7, 2008

On the 25th, 4th, and 5th of last month, I went to my cousin's wedding, the interim presentation of the Ethical Corporation Association, the Acupuncturists Association consolation party, and the ANA Crowne Plaza Hotel Grand Court.
It was a fun and meaningful day.
There, I found and experienced "things that money can't buy."

● Unclouded friendship
A friend who is willing to support you when you think you need help
It's hard to get.
If you have friends to walk with, no matter how poor you are,
You will not be poor to the heart.

● The emotion of loving others with all your heart
If you can be honest with your heart and have a free and passionate love,
Life becomes richer.
Love is what no one can measure and never forget.
Isn't it the only world currency?

● Information backed by experience and information
No matter how much money you pay, wisdom and knowledge should not be sold anywhere.
People are animals, and we must spare no effort to survive.
Otherwise, we would lose sight of even the meaning of life.

● Living passionately every day
The only way to live a happy life is to pursue your passion.

● When you look back, a life without regrets
Memories are also part of life.
There are many ways to define affluence.
"If your life is rich, you don't need anything else."
When I look back on my life,
If you have lived the scene hard,
Proof that you are living a truly prosperous life.
From now on, I will experience more, make mistakes,
I will absorb and learn.

● Encounters that make you think "treasures of life"
Friends and family give us meaning to live.
If you are lucky enough to meet the person you love,
It's like finding a treasure.
Love that person as much as you do,
It's something I cherish.
Even if you throw all the money, only that treasure
No matter what, don't let go.