Living in Kampo Episode 5 Unchasing boosts immunity

2023March 6 -

 The Yellow Emperor Inner SutraAs in the laws written in, sooner or later life moves towards old age.
Our lives, too,"Seki"You need to live naturally as you change.
However, this is only a generalization."Spirit"It shows the transition of.
In this day and age, there are many women who are very youthful and very energetic even when they are old.
Taking care of your body is very important.

In addition, in modern times, the number of people who are working energetically even at the age of 100 is increasing.
I think everyone wants to maintain their current vitality and live on their own until they are 100 years old.
There is a need to be careful, such as exercising and calculating calories, anti-glycation, and antioxidant.
If you are still young but are worried about forgetfulness, leakage of urine, loss of energy, weakness in your legs and hips, please check "Kidney" now.

Unchasing includes:"Renal"It is important to have warm foods that improve the function of the body and lifestyle habits that do not cool the body.
It is the main cause of the cold of winter, which impairs kidney function, and weakens immunity.