Kampo Life Episode 3: Women Change Their Spirit in a Multiples of 7

2023March 1 -

At the age of seven,"Renal Qi"Teeth begin to fill, teeth fall out, permanent teeth grow, and hair also becomes longer.
In other words, early childhood is"Seki"Because they are immature, they don't grow teeth and hair, and they get bedwetting.

At the age of 14, development matures and menstruation begins.
In addition"Spirit"grows, ovulation occurs, menstruation begins, and pregnancy is possible.

At the age of 21"Renal Qi"fills up and stretches the length of the body.

At the age of 28, the muscles and bones are firm and the hair grows out.
This period will be the most vigorous.

At the age of 35, gradually"Renal"begins to decline, the facial area begins to become tangled, and the hair begins to fall out.
Fertility gradually declines, and teeth, bones and hair also begin to decline.

At the age of 42Yang Ming SutraIt all fades away.
The face is completely haggard and the hair begins to turn white.

At the age of 49Ren Veinbecomes empty and menstruation stops.
Inability to have children.

They become adults at 14 and go downhill after that, when they are at their healthiest.
35As we get older, the secretion of female hormones decreases and aging begins.

In modern times, women in their 30s ~ 50s are still youthful.
The time of menopause does not seem to be much different, around the age of 50.