Father's Day Gifts

2022June 17, 2008

Father's Day Gifts

Today, my son gave me a Father's Day present.
"Thank you" to my son

Our family, the Ikeda family, has been passed through three generations, including my parents, my husband and wife, my son, and my daughter, and for some reason, it is "bad".
But now both parents and children have remarried and are building a happy family.

I thought about what a married couple is.
Dr. Toshio Maruyama "Shiori of Universal Happiness" Article 5 The couple remembered a pair of reflectors (husband and wife versus mirrors).

"If the husband is kind to his affection, the wife respects and trusts him, and he only depends on him that there is no other man in the world than him.
At this time, the husband also expresses affection for the fact that there is no better woman outside than his wife.
And a cheerful and cheerful family is always created.
On the other hand, if the husband is too aggressive and pretends to be feudal ideology, the wife becomes small, withdrawn, and stubborn like a turtle.
When a wife pulls it off with pride, the husband becomes as good and gentle as a cat, and is ridiculed wherever he goes.
A pair of mirrors illuminating each other, a wonderfully well-aligned couple, are everywhere and here.
It is upside down for a couple to want to fix each other. Just look at yourself. Correct yourself. At that time, the other party will always change naturally. A husband and wife are a pair of mirrors that always face each other."