Heart and Chinese Medicine Insomnia

2022June 7 -

Western medicine prescribes sleeping pills to improve the condition called "insomnia".
However, depending on the person, sleeping pills may cause "transient anterograde amnesia" in which the actions taken by the person in the middle of the night are not remembered.
In addition, although you can sleep at night, there may be inconveniences such as feeling poo during the day.

On the other hand, in Oriental medicine, we try to obtain information from patients about what causes the symptoms of "not being able to sleep".
We try to grasp the mental and physical state of the person from all the information that is available.
"Why can't you sleep?" he asked, the way he spoke, the tension of his voice, his complexion, his body odor, his pulse, etc.
We will make a diagnosis by synthesizing all kinds of information.
People who work under a lot of pressure during the day can't sleep until the night because the tension doesn't go away.
In addition, there are people who accumulate fatigue and become nocturia due to the weakening of the power of the "kidneys" that control the life force, and wake up many times.
The constitution of each person is also strongly related to the cause of symptoms.
Therefore, in Kampo, it is prescribed to compensate for the unbalanced part.
In addition, what is important in Kampo is the idea of "curing" in which the person himself changes his or her own life.

If you are nervous due to daytime tension and cannot sleep, if you take a half-body bath about 30 minutes before and warm up to the core of your body, your body temperature will drop just before you go to sleep, and you will be able to fall asleep.
By further contracting blood vessels that have been contracted due to mental tension to the maximum with cold water, it resets the autonomic nervous system and creates a state of relaxation.
In this way, remote control by approaching from the whole body together without touching the autonomic nerve itself is also a method that Kampo is good at.
Although Kampo is good at improving insomnia, I sometimes think that there are insomnia that do not need to be cured.
There is an old saying in China, "If you become cathodic, you will turn to yang through apolarity, and if you become anode, you will turn into yin through apolarity."
When you can't sleep, there's a reason you can't sleep, and when you reach the pole of your sleeplessness, there comes a time when you can sleep like a lie.
It is one of the regulatory effects of the body.
One way to do this is to let your body adjust to the adjustment that your body has, rather than dwell on the fact that you couldn't sleep last night.

In order for the regulation of the body body to work, it is very important to live a life that does not go against the rhythm of nature.
It is to blend your body well into the rhythm of day and night, the rhythm of the seasons.
The sunrise time is getting earlier for summer, so just getting up a little earlier than usual will give your body strength.