Warm the body, improving circulation of blood, or the

2020September 21, 2010

Than 70% of the ingredients is a spur of the body warm, not cool, but each grade, eat
Warm the body by heating effect is increased.
Furthermore, excessive amounts of sugar, worsen chill.
No refined sugar as sugar, maple syrup,
Let's use the mirin cooking especially if so.

Cool tip of the limb
Cod, salmon, sardines, bonito, working to better blood circulation, so
The main dish is recommended.
It is effective to use, temperature of ingredients, onion, garlic, ginger, chili pepper condiment or seasoning.

If the body is cool
Considered and lack of care.
Met had been set in motion blood and water, because the body is warmed up
And lamb to complement warm stomach, improve the function of the stomach
Taking temperature with high nutritive value shrimp would be nice.
However, please note that prone excess heat to warm the ingredients in both nature and eat too much.
Action staple, than the glutinous rice glutinous rice is warm up.
However, because rice is no digestion is better than non-glutinous rice
We recommend eating Yam the promotes digestion and daikon radish.

Chill out if there are more

Select the ingredients to improve the care of. In fish and shellfish,
Corresponds to this function of the stomach and intestines to increase salmon or swordfish.
In addition, Mandarin orange and kumquat (poultry kannagi), of citrus fruits also
Action to improve care.
Vegetables to warm up in the leeks, onion, Chive and rakkyo fellow.
It goes well with any type of these ingredients will keep in mind.
Action to improve care in addition, onion, salad, raw and eat, and
Verifiable, miso soup with heating, warm up, gotten digestive effects.