Poor blood circulation to eliminate pressure points

201711 / 26.

Poor blood circulation to eliminate pressure points
Season the cold hands and feet. It is the one end rounded body unconsciously disturb back and waist, hands and feet which I do 温maranai and. Kimarimasenn in this fashion does. Cold is caused by a disorder of the autonomic nervous system and blood circulation of the poor. Eliminating the cooling of the body with acupuncture and stretch your back.
Will introduce the autonomic nervous system, improves blood circulationFingers holes (shikannketsu), Kami (Kokou) and 8 winds (happuu) and the blood sea (kekkai), 3 anion exchanger (sanninnkou)It is.

Both are located at the base of the upper side of the left and right hands and feet, fingers and between.
Fingers holesIs between the hand index and middle fingers, middle finger and little finger, ring finger and pinky.
"Jaws of death"The hand's thumb and forefinger between.
8 windThat is from the big toe to pinky fingers.
Fingers holes, "jaws of death"Across both with your thumb and forefinger to pinch a little stronger massage press, pulled toward the fingertips speak. It will be about 10 times per one place.
8 windAlso, at the foot of his right hand and so on, stimulated in the opposite hand and leg are the same as on the right foot with your left hand.
When you 温maranai time to completion can be warm fingers, but keep a bit more.

"Sea of blood"Are located around the rose 2.5 cm from the plate on the inside of the knee, knee hyperextension knee.
This is where you feel the pain in the right side of the femur.
Thumbs up, rub down 30 times towards the femur on acupressure points. Adds a reasonable stimulus, sitting on a chair with both feet simultaneously.
* Useful to to rid of rolls and skin complexion.

"3 anion exchanger"The, located just behind the bones in the leg from the ankle fingers four minutes on the shank.
I'm feeling a slight pain.
Perched on a Chair, put one knee over ankle. Your right foot with your left hand, left foot right and so on thumb of opposite hand and foot acupressure points, got stuck one's ankle rub down.
Left and right with 2 ~ 3 minutes will be.