Medical examinations are not


I believe taking physicals for everyone to be healthy.
However, the evidence is ambiguous.
According to the research of the Ministry of health, labor and welfare of the typical 24-health diagnostic tests
Just what there is evidence the effectiveness in terms of reduction in prevention of disease and death is only 6 items.
The 6 items and blood pressure, height, weight, drinking, smoking and depression, glucose tolerance test.
Is that it should fluctuate between test results and other items are not.
Problem is that the medical standards set very strict eye.
Japan's problem is not divided into different age groups.
20There is a good-year-old and 80-year-old man are the same blood pressure.
40That is what we felt was fairly unscientific, and normal blood pressure is said " 90 age" years ago
If you want the current reference value (135 / 85 mmHg) of is very unscientific.
Value of cholesterol and 220 mg in Japan?Standards have been
In the United States until the 30s and 220 mg?The 245 mg in 40s?The more than 50-year-old 265 mg /?And the threshold is age turned.
Cholesterol increases, especially after menopause.
It is that people who do not drink, on average, 55% of people in Japan and need medication.
In short, it is undergoing examination in order to be healthy, but conversely has been sick.
It is thought especially for elderly relative values to protect forcibly taking antihypertensive drugs, diabetes drugs and causes unexpected problems.
It is that blood pressure may fall too, and ran into the low blood sugar to fall.
Fell down and fold the bone, it becomes bedridden in backward dementia than not.
Dose is often consulted doctors.
X-rays to detect lung cancer makes no sense.
What was done to begin finding tuberculosis x-ray for tuberculosis patients were almost gone,
It is switched on the pretext of lung cancer discovery.
Otherwise I wouldn't lose much x-ray technologist jobs.
Lung cancer, such as found on an x-ray is the State already is well underway.
Find lung cancer then it must check the three-dimensional by CT or MRI.
If you are 50 years old, 60-year-old also is your body and realize it, so if you have abnormal should have been going for many years.
1-don't go to the doctor if it cures in 2 weeks.
More than 2 weeks, if followed by abnormal at that hospital should I go to.
You could on the other hand, CT or MRI looks fine spots too.
For example performing a risky brain surgery treatment required no small blood clots found in the brain and try to eliminate it, failed, and
Hemiplegia and also there is.
 Is badly affected by screening or Checkup, than to worry about the condition of his body facing obediently.
It illegal should be able to live healthy lives from this, hopefully.