Patient testimonials

• Patient testimonials
-H.S like / women / 26-year-old... breech(H29/5/10)
At eight months pregnant, was diagnosed first with regular check-ups, pinky finger on the inside of the ankle and foot acupuncture and Moxa sticks with us.
It was found out, but I still didn't go away moving fetus in the womb, during.

● K.T person / man / 14-year-old... refusal(H29/5/6)
Every morning, the condition of the stomach and intestines, 起きれ gastro-intestinal condition is better now and you feel like rub my stomach and back, acupuncture.
起kire in the morning still eludes the treatment a few times but not go to school from lunch, outdoor learning in safe location.


-F.Y like / women / 67-year-old... knee pain(H29/5/5)
Pain has not said when the pain in osteoarthritis of the knee, one at the plastic surgery hospital, replace artificial joints, but continued treatment twice a week for 3 months, became kitasanaku interfere in daily life. In the sense of prevention and treatment continues.

● T.R-like / women / 55 years old... lumbar hernia(H29/5/4)
4-First, orthopedic clinic and hospital, as well as any treatment in a hospital through recovering lost with slowness, but several times by Ikeda acupuncture and moxibustion treatment of treatment, now send them to the daily life.


-K.K person / man / 50: autonomic nerve schizophrenia(H29/5/3)
Out of saliva, body, couldn't understand the motivational things.
Second treatment the body becomes lighter, came out motivated. However, saliva remains out.

-E.S like / women / 78-year-old... cubital joint fracture(H29/4/28)
Ikeda acupuncture treatment, consult and fall knocking elbows, went to a nearby bonesetter's dislocated elbow and said, we relived the unattractive swelling immediately, was advised to go to the hospital.
Surgery, and fracture-dislocation. Is going after discharge from hospital was Ikeda acupuncture under rehabilitation.


● S.Y like / women / 67-year-old... knee pain(H29/4/27)
Japan dance, so that overuse the knee the knee will hurt, but once a treatment, to alleviate pain, will dance. Headache to bother you.

-M.I person / man / 66-year-old... stiff neck & back pain(H29/4/22)
And abuse every day, so that taxi driver, pain in my hips and shoulders are stiff.
It is strange because in treatment or acupuncture in the shoulders and hips directly hit, smack, but here in the limb hitting acupuncture to relieve the symptoms.

● G.S like / women / 87-year-old... knee pain(H29/4/20)
I couldn't walk right knee is sore, but once treatment reduces the pain and walk home, 帰remashita.


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