Ikeda acupuncture

From the Director:
Ikeda acupuncture are suffering from pain and numbness, feel that anxiety to autonomic nervous system balance, who want to improve the Constitution, physical pain strain comes to mind, as much as possible without the use of medication, came a variety of has been.

I looking for the root cause for the symptoms that one by one, one acupuncture with soul, salt body treatments to improve themselves. I think that so far can be a fundamental reform of acupuncture and moxibustion, and own body has interested you can continue treatment during.

It is because they think anything Health Foundation in reason I like prepared through acupuncture and moxibustion treatment of condition.

The condition, which cares

□ can't concentrate on what you do, 楽shimenakattari,
□ do, giving itself
No such thing?

Now the symptoms is no longer ahead to envision what you?

Expands the range of nature and better yourself, it may be released from the pain simply by human relations will become even more good, can that "really wanted to".
I'm glad it will link to your happy future.

"Okay said more smiles from the workplace and family man, was spent on how their Sulky! I think your agenda than ever before and the teamwork was better.

"Eliminates back pain, now play kids and think clearly.

"Opportunities to get together with everyone, really happy family relatives while they get better with more really fun experience for me.

So that is my happiness.

Ikeda acupuncture and enrich your life "in the Ikeda acupuncture out so cute" and administers the day-to-day practice in hospital, seriously, you think you want to be.

As long as you are not giving up, I absolutely don't give up.

As long as there is hope we will absolutely not give up.

I think I trust is the first step in treatment.
Born in treatment results on the extension and improvement of the Constitution says that.

I want to end acupuncture clinic, future goals you'd like to attend you, cuddled.



▼ Ikeda acupuncture principles
♦ complete East-West fusion treatment
Will try to headline the fusion of Eastern and Western medicine, patients get cured.

♦ devoted to preventive medicine
Close to disease symptoms than other symptoms in Chinese medicine, but in good health, but health "less diseases" and says.
Therefore, less disease management, health care or preventive medicine 1 fields and considered, together with the patient is and will continue to pursue.


♦ curative practices
Rather than reducing comfort massage treatments and symptoms have thoroughly investigated the cause of the painful symptoms, are intended to improve from the root of the disease.

♦ cooperation with medical institutions
Insurance treatment for access on a regular basis to doctors agreed, as well as rethink treatment strategy, and supports one of the patients from both sides of the traditional Chinese medicine and modern medicine. Also, a proper medical institution fits your condition promptly if you have treatment outside of my proposal and introduction.

♦ contribution to the local community through the practitioner's
Mind by providing the best technology in space so, seeks to recover your health and promotion aims to contribute to the local community.

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