Flow of treatment

▼ flow treatment
Aim Ikeda acupuncture, bright, clean and good therapy.

I think you have to worry when acupuncture is received for the first time to what.
Come here at that time hospital is introduce the flow until after first treatment.

1.Filling in the questionnaire
In the first, served in our questionnaire
□ current symptoms
□ past illnesses and injuries
Such information will be filled.

Our particular emphasis is on the interview.
You'll learn more about while referring to the questionnaire provided.

□ detailed features are currently suffering from symptoms and conditions
□ and habits of everyday life, work, stress, worry
□ of meals, beverages and luxury goods, such as food and beverage
□ State of large and small stool, sweats and phlegm(Tan)A situation in which waste is
□ State of the temperature of the eyes, teeth, ears, hands and feet, nails and hair
□ State and quality of sleep
And I'll come.

Because these are important to clarify the Constitution and symptoms due to ask politely.

3.Wanted examination-off examination and hearing examination
After the interview, we asked current problems and symptoms, habits, and to learn your body's State,
♦ hope clinic... mental condition, condition of skin, body, behavior, tongue and facial look in the eye and diagnose.
♦ turn off diagnostic... pulse in the wrist, abdominal, back, and hands and feet touch the diagnose the condition of the body.
♦ give checkups... listening to the sound voice, cough, kagi分kete smell of body odor and bad breath and diagnose.

Look-hear, smell, touch, we identify the cause of the disease, instead of ill intention will be examination to human.

Information obtained through the examination of the above in the practitioner on the medical analysis that revealed the cause of the symptoms.

Qi-blood and water
It is a component called three treasures of this in acupuncture and moxibustion treatment, make up the human body.
That this "care, blood and water" is considered the total energy is important to activate the physiological activity of human life.

These are influencing each other while lean body.
As a result collapsed and is one of balance of the body and become ill.

Objective in relieving symptoms and heals the sick, using acupuncture and moxibustion treatment, massage, heat therapy, care, blood and water balance to keep the smooth working.

5.Curing guidance and treatment policy description
Finished treatment a treatment policy for further details of treatment, treatment duration and frequency of treatment, such as to explain.

Also, happy curing guidance according to the note should be prevention and health management, such as the one in daily life.

And the cure leaders
Happens to upset the whole balance, given cause any harmful effects of the disease.
You can also prevent the disease after acupuncture treatment, soon cause to courtesy and sickness.

From the outside of the body, causing(Exogenous)And because from the inside of the body, mental(Endogenous)And cause other, lifestyle, such as eating and drinking due to excess(不内外 attribute)The big three have.
Taking to heart the cause of these, let's think together.

On it, happy to prescribe diet, mind and life.


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