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• Acupuncture is painful and not thinking?
Extremely thin stainless steel acupuncture(Length 40 mm to 80 mm and thickness diameter 0.17mm~0.33mm)Acupuncture points(Acupressure points)The insertion.

Acupuncture insertion says 管鍼 method and primarily, using metal or plastic tube in a painless insertion. No pain, no mark.
Acupuncture points(Acupressure points)To puncture the acupuncture stimulation of certain(Acupuncture for lower circles, the vibrate.)Plus how to pull out immediately and 10-may leave for 15 minutes.

In addition, rest and muscle pain and even if the puncture needle to a weak low frequency pulse electric current, has effect on the blood circulation.
On the other, without penetration or contact with skin and press as a pediatric acupuncture has the effect on nocturnal enuresis in children, baby colic, and also how to make pressed.

So don't worry about infection, disinfection in acupuncture, once as far as disposable disposable acupuncture uses are so helpful.


▼ moxibustion is not hot I wonder? Don't get burned?
It is Moxa cautery clinic in making space between AI and skin, heat cushioning material provided a genial heat, so good.

Head of the puncture, acupuncture(Tip)The has a scientific attempt to heat and how to ignite the Fava bean-sized Moxa Moxa acupuncture needle with a source of stimulus to the far-infrared and laser.

Moxibustion and moxibustion at home, so please try.

▼ key to overwhelming patient satisfaction
1A painless needle(Disposable)And warm with pleasant moxibustion treatment.

2The 35-year-old and possess State certification and treatment experienced.

3The remote stimulation unlike the injured site, even intense pain and swelling, relieve the pain immediately.

4The diagnosis from the viewpoint of traditional Chinese medicine and modern medicine, for treatment, to health.

5The treatment would like to finish in a short period of time, including the prevention of long term treatment you want to perform both is also available.

6The coming Academy please call us before. Shorter waiting time also with no let me do.

7And not supplements, health equipment and force action.

8The insurance applies if during long term treatment should be any doctor's prescription.

9The clinic boasts a proven treatment with old history is the "Ikeda acupuncture".


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