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• Frequently asked questions
Q. How do booking or inquiry?
A. from the phone or email, or contact us please feel free to contact.

Q. how long does treatment take?
A. 予診 for the first time fill out the table, hearing the inspection takes about 2 hours total, description of treatment after treatment so have time please come Academy please please.

Q. in what clothes go?
A. I'd dress detachable and easy to relax you.

Q. is the Hari treatment painful?
A. we consider almost, not pain, is okay. It is about fear even a small child can receive. Hari Hari keen of course differ from the sensation of pain from a warm and pleasant moxibustion and its not prickly to touch only the use of treatment is available.

Q. does Hari use disposable?
A. it is disposable. Also before and after alcohol affected the hygiene is absolutely assured.

Q. and Hari sticks to the nerve pain?
A. normally, pierces the skin, muscles inside the punctured so that the image that hurt, but advanced technology has a "very exciting". Please see do not collect if the 感jimashitara hitting the few and hurts the.

Also good Q. was firm after a bath?
A. you can bathe from the moment of 塞garimasu acupuncture holes. The tired and go immediately after the treatment, and then after some time.

Q. are any side-effects to acupuncture and moxibustion?
A. heal but who comes in reaction to say, improves symptoms temporarily feeling sluggish, slight fever and other symptoms, but in a little while, such reactions are very rare and can be see. Otherwise it is bleeding. By Hari fine blood vessels are cut off a little bleeding. Bleeding takes place in Halifax, however, the big ones like normal bruises when you can but seems to level not the women who even bothers with.

Q. in how often good receive treatment?
A. the disease and also depends on the attitude of the symptoms at that time so can't say for sure, but about once a week is fine in most cases. Because just one individual, and then determine the State, come to tell you about the Institute of pace.

Q. Hari works why?
A. adjusting the internal organs, muscles can work successfully in traditional Chinese medicine "care, blood and water", in the body circulates smoothly, coaxes out the effect. Acupuncture is to help you fully exploit the natural healing power.

Q. can I get pregnant while Hari?
A. of course it is okay. Hospital has a considerable experience in infertility therapy and treatment on the breech and then please visit many pregnant ever. So they can provide the bet to use no burden to the pregnant woman's body so please please worry.

Q. have a cold is entitled Hari?
A. to acupuncture during cold temperature up working immune system, heal quickly. However, if you have a high fever over 39 degrees, rest at home is best.

Q. Physiology during the Hari treatment are entitled to do?
A. of course it is okay. Should you have received is often rather if you have cramps, in situ nearly off pain, so good. Significantly reduces too frustrating and depressing in the mood so please come Academy do not.

Q. even allergic to metal by Hari, okay?
A. because acupuncture is very little surface area of skin no problem.

It would be preferable that Hari Q... golf day, better, right after?
Prepared condition ago A tennis, and improve the blood circulation, improve muscle tone, a better guess.

Can I get Q... massage?
A. entitles you. Visit massage alone in OK and the firm received the combined treatment with Bon voyage have very often.

Q. can I use health insurance?
You use A. depending on the disease. For more informationPage of the "insurance"Take a look at:

Q. how long is the wait?
A., book time and waiting is not that. Come again, the hospital please call before.

Q. is it possible to receive treatment, visit with family and friends?
A. of course it is possible. Including fertility acupuncture clinic, often through word of mouth, and most people are online in a couple so that together with your family, your friends visit you very often.

Q. did have the test results at the hospital?
A. it seems you can talk better and treatment if you have would be greatly appreciated. However, if either is OK so even if you have a precise diagnosis for Oriental medicine. "If better is it is.

Q. Hari is punished but just weak. You might conceivably go without treatment?
A.. Please visit us we can offer acupuncture clinic has immediate effects, but would like another treatment since.

Q. once much does treatment cost?
A. for more informationHereTake a look at:
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